A simple recipe for weight loss

Solviren is a revolutionary nutritional supplement which is based on green coffee and has strong slimming properties. It’s active on four levels: it reduces the degree of sugar absorption, improves the metabolism, accelerates fat burning and adds energy.



Solviren has been developed on the basis of two ingredients with natural slimming properties. The first one is green coffee. As it doesn’t undergo any heat treatment it’s much more effective than its black counterpart. And all that thanks to high content of chlorogenic acid which  accelerates and enhances weight loss processes, regulates the function of the digestive system and has a beneficial effect on the metabolism. This advantageous effect of green coffee is additionally supported by the second ingredient of the product: African mango, which is rich in fibre, which suppresses appetite, reduces cholesterol level, regulates blood glucose levels and purifies the body.

Solviren not only contributes to weight loss, but also helps you keep your body in shape after the end of the treatment. It doesn’t contain any unnecessary fillers and harmful substances. Studies conducted at one of US Universities have confirmed that the dietary supplement helps you lose up to 15 kilograms in just 2 months!


  • Green coffee bean extract

    It helps reduce the absorption of glucose in the digestive tract, so that the body can use the accumulated fat reserves. It has antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties and protects you against the risk of developing diabetes.

  • African mango

    It’s rich in fibre, which gives you a sense of satiety and reduces appetite. It contributes to lowering cholesterol level and prevents inflammatory conditions. It ensures appropriate level of C protein, regulates blood glucose levels and purifies the body of toxins.

  • Lisa, 26

    „Solviren is the bests dietary supplement which I have ever used. It doesn’t cause any negative side effects, adds energy and gives you instant results especially if combined with proper diet and physical exercise: I lost 12 kilograms in less than 3 months and my cholesterol level dropped significantly!”

  • Peter, 38

    “I found a description of these pills by accident – somebody on the forum argued that it’s worth to give them a go. I started taking Solviren 3 weeks ago and now I can see the first results: I do not feel extremely hungry all the time, so losing weight is much easier for me. I feel lighter and less tired.”

  • Safety

    Solviren is manufactured exclusively from natural ingredients. These pills have passed the necessary quality checks done at the world's largest universities. They cannot be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, minors under 18 and persons allergic to the ingredients of the product.

  • Versatility

    As the formula of this supplement is based on broad spectrum components, it helps you fight against overweight, obesity, improper function of digestive system, abnormal function of bowels, excessive appetite, high cholesterol level and concentration problems.

If you are looking for an effective weapon in the fight against obesity, Solviren is the right solution for you. Order the supplement today, eat a proper diet and do a daily dose of exercise. Trust us – you’ll see the results much sooner than you expect!